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Holden Terry

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HOLDEN TERRY  – Being part of the cosplay community has been so much fun… I have gotten the chance to meet so many nice people 

When I wanted to start cosplaying I spent days trying to figure out what I wanted to cosplay as. I thought maybe captain America or batman even thought about trying to be slimmer from Ghostbusters. But then it hit me I would go as Mario, and when I did it was so much fun.



cosplay review terry holden



I got to meet other cosplayers and they shared some tips on cosplaying and I even became friends with them. Being part of the cosplay community has been so much fun and I’m happy I have gotten the chance to meet so many nice and talented people.





Icosplay review terry holden3 have recently have been to Ranger Stop in Orlando and me and my friends decided to cosplay as the Ninjetti Power Rangers I decided to cosplay as the Red Ninjetti Ranger. We won Best group of RangerStop 3! Ninjetti Crew!  This year was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to showing people what kind of cosplay I can come up with next year.





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Meet Katy Johnson!


“Cosplay is a craft completely driven by passion, which is why I love it so much.”


Blaire Soul EaterWhat inspired you to become a cosplayer? I was brought into the Cosplay community organically. As a child, I would love watching cartoons like Pokemon/Yugioh, and then I discovered the anime Naruto right when it was getting very popular! I loved the series so much that I would wear a Naruto headband in everyday life… My mom was very encouraging of my interests/hobbies, so she found out about conventions and took me and my best friend at the time to AWA 2008! It was her encouragement that got me to my first con, and I had seen pictures online of people dressing up so we made my first costume together. I was Sakura from Naruto. After my first con, I was hooked, and after seeing all of the different costumes, I knew I wanted this to be a part of my life.

Seras Victoria What’s your favorite cosplay? I would have to say that my favorite Costume from over the years has been my portrayal of the character Orihime from Bleach. I loved the series, and my friend would be Rukia so we were just a dynamic duo! I would go to cons and not see a lot of people Cosplaying Orihime, but I would see HUGE groups of Bleach Cosplayers, so I made a lot of friends through the fandom that I still talk to today. When I started Cosplaying her, I was probably 14 and I did not have all of the stuff for the costume, so one of my favorite memories with this costume is when I met a rare girl that was also cosplaying Orihime, who gave me the hairclips I needed to finish the costume. I still use them to this day (:

How long have you been Cosplaying? Since 2008. But I have been playing around in costumes probably since I was a small child. I always loved dressing up!

Do you plan on making this a career? I am actually involved with a group known as Concept Galaxy right now that do live Cosplay Variety shows at conventions and I consider it to be very professional and profitable. I love performing/writing/costumes in general, and Concept Galaxy has given me a platform to use all of the skills that I have gained through theater in the Cosplay community! dmgyayI think Cosplayers are extremely versatile in the skills that they have and a lot of people don’t realize just how serious Cosplay is nowadays. It has so many profitable markets from the performing aspects, to the design/sewing aspects, all the way to the sheer amount of people that seriously invest in the events centered around the fandoms/craft! I think there are a lot of career opportunities present, it just depends on the route you want to take it and for me, its in the performing/events coordinating!


Orihime Bleach

Do make your own outfits? If so what’s your process? I do not make my own costumes! I cannot sew at all. I have styled a wig or two on occasion, but I get all of my costumes online. I invest a good bit of time into the selection process though! Finding the perfect wig can be stressful!

In a sentence what best describes you? I am a passionate person and I think that Cosplay is a craft completely driven by passion, which is why I love it so much.


Izzy Estella MascotDo you go to Cons in your area? Which ones? Whats your favorite? I do go to cons in my area and outside of my area! I have attended Fal-Con, MoMo Con, Dragon Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, MTAC and Hama Con! I think my favorite convention is tied between Kami Con and Anime Weekend Atlanta. AWA was my first con, but both AWA and Kami Con just feel like home for me. I feel like my best self when I walk through the halls of those cons.


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