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SteamPunk Maker James Neathery @ COSOGRAPHY 2017

James Neathery  – Steampunk Maker & Contestant on Steampunk’d  James is an incredible Steampunk maker and designer and will be at Cosography this year!   I’ve always been fascinated with cybernetic prosthetics and the merging of man and machine.   Starboard Sky Leatherworks was started in the summer of 2011 by me, James Neathery. It all […]

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Xavier Conley will be at COSOGRAPHY Convention June 17, in Cocoa, Florida

Xavier Conley  – Winner of the First Episode of Cosplay Melee on SyFy  Xavier is an Extremely Talented Cosplayer and Builder and will be at Cosography this year showing off his talents!   I’m addicted to chocolate… I don’t think you understand though. Like i legit have withdrawals. i love to cook. Ummm, I hate stereotypes. […]

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COSOGRAPHY CON!!!! June 17th, 2017

It is official! We are going to have our First Cosography Convention on June 17, 2017 at the Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa Florida And it is FREE! Come join us for Panels, Demonstrations, Workshops, Performances, CosPlay Contests and Vendors! Come out and Show off your Talents and meet some awesome new Cosplayers! 10am […]

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CosPlayer Jessica O!

What inspired you to become a cosplayer? I remember finding out about cosplaying when I was 16 through Deviantart. I was amazed that real people could make themselves look so much like the actual character. I didn’t cosplay right off the bat, but I was later inspired by Yaya Han to start cosplaying in 2006.   […]

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Holden Terry

  HOLDEN TERRY  – Being part of the cosplay community has been so much fun… I have gotten the chance to meet so many nice people  When I wanted to start cosplaying I spent days trying to figure out what I wanted to cosplay as. I thought maybe captain America or batman even thought about trying […]

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Meet Katy Johnson!

“Cosplay is a craft completely driven by passion, which is why I love it so much.”                        ♥ What inspired you to become a cosplayer? I was brought into the Cosplay community organically. As a child, I would love watching cartoons like Pokemon/Yugioh, and then […]

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The Mighty NINO!

Meet Nino! He is a long time fan of Jack Kirby, and he decided he was going to Cosplay THOR properly by going old School! HAIL THE MIGHTY NINO!


Sneak Peek at our First Issue!

Here is a Sneak Peek at our First Issue!

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Meet Gabriel!

Gabriel is 26 and resides in Florida, he has been attending cons since 2004 and cosplaying since 2007 annnnd he loves cosplaying because as he says “I am an attention whore”! Glad to meet you Gabriel!


Calling All CosPlayers – Send Us your Info!

Send Us your Info! We are looking for New amateur and Semi-professional CosPlayers to feature in our CosPlay Review Magazine!  We would love to meet you!  


Enter to win CosPlay Review Girl or Guy of the Year!

Are you an Amatuer or Semi-Professional CosPlayer?  Send us your Bio and some really great photos of you Cosplaying and enter to be our Next CosPlay Review Girl or Guy of the Year!  Send us your Info today!  


We are all just Cosplaying!

These days we find that there are more and more people who love to CosPlay! What we love most is that it isn’t just for the young, the young at heart are out there too. It takes a bit for some people to come around, but when they do, Cosplaying becomes an exciting way to […]

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