A rocket scientist Dad, and A Mom that paints and composes symphonies, being geeky and artistic has always been an important part in my life. I got into 3D printing back in 2010 when like so many of us, jobs were scarce and hard to get, especially with my particular batch of health problems. I’ve always been prone to being creative and tend to try my hand at all kind of things from music, acting, sculpture, drawing, to of course 3D modeling and 3D printing. Being creative is a huge part of me, so I eagerly took to learning how to take my skills and 3D print my own creations. I like to call 3D printing geeky crafts, and over the years I have learned quite a bit and created many things, but my main focuses tend to be ball jointed dolls, cosplay, and as a gammer/geek I also like to create otaku or fandom items with an emphasis on fantasy. I’ve been a special guest at several conventions like Akon as well as some smaller doll conventions across the USA. My brief work after school did include some work on some major movie productions like Conan the barbarian, and Hoodwinked 2.

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