Xavier Conley Cosplay Melee Winner
Xavier Conley  – Winner of the First Episode of Cosplay Melee on SyFy 

Xavier is an Extremely Talented Cosplayer and Builder and will be at Cosography this year showing off his talents!


Xavier Conley
I’m addicted to chocolate…

I don’t think you understand though. Like i legit have withdrawals. i love to cook. Ummm, I hate stereotypes. I don’t fit any and it’s kinda fun! When people assume they know what i will act like when they just look at me it kinda peeves me…You ever talk to yourself? I can have a full blown monologue with myself, several different characters, voices and all. If you were to give me matches I’d probably wanna find some dry leaves, cause I’m a pyro and that’s how I roll. I’ve been called weird by more people than I can count so if you find me odd, strange, interesting or funny than just know I’m not changing for anybody. I like being unique 😉


Xavier Conley Winner of Cosplay Melee on SyFy