CosPlayReview Jess1What inspired you to become a cosplayer? I remember finding out about cosplaying when I was 16 through Deviantart. I was amazed that real people could make themselves look so much like the actual character. I didn’t cosplay right off the bat, but I was later inspired by Yaya Han to start cosplaying in 2006.


What’s your favorite cosplay? I’m really torn between my Classic Nidalee and New Dawn Ahri cosplays from the League of Legends game. I love both of them equally. 🙂
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How long have you been Cosplaying?  I “made” (closet cosplay) my first cosplay in 2006 to wear to a Homecoming theme day in my senior year of high school. I cosplayed little bits here and there until I graduated from college where I quit cosplaying for about 4 years. In the past 2 years I have picked up the cosplaying hobby once again, but I’m willing to put much more effort into it.


Do you plan on making this a career? I do! This may sound nuts, but I actually gave up my prior career for various reasons and decided to try and make my love for cosplaying a viable career. Although I’m just starting out, I feel that I have come a long way since I started.


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Do make your own outfits? If so what’s your process?  I do make most of my outfits. Some pieces are thrift store clothing that I’ve altered. My process of making a cosplay is a bit chaotic, to say the least. Most of my time is spent just planning and researching different materials and techniques to make parts of the cosplay. I’m terrible about making my cosplays last minute before a con, but somehow they mostly get done.


In a sentence what best describes you? I’m a girl who loves to create things and loves to inspire or be inspired by others to keep creating more.


Do you go to Cons in your area? Which ones? Whats your favorite? So far, I have been to the Dallas ComicCon Fan Days, A-Kon, Animefest, and Anime North Texas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I would have to say my favorite one is Animefest.


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